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Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd - Responding to the challenge

Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd - Responding to the challenge

31/01/2007 | Channel: Products & Services, Infrastructure

An introduction to Fitzpatrick’s Rail Division

The rail industry is one of the most challenging and demanding environments in which to carry out major construction works, with rigorous planning for safety being at the forefront of every activity. The Rail Division was created in September 1997 in response to the growth in the market for rail-related construction work. The division  draws on the company’s previous experience of construction in the rail environment, which had up until then been completed as part of everyday civils and building work.

Working in this specialist sector demands specialist skills, not only in civil engineering
and building, but in the complex management techniques and methods required. A dedicated office has been established at Derby to allow the company to operate throughout the UK. Since the Division’s establishment, Fitzpatrick has invested significantly in recruiting, training and developing its staff, operatives and supply chain partners to ensure they are well placed to deliver project requirements.

Rail capability and experience

Northam Depot Southampton Siemens – £30 million
Fitzpatrick received full approval of its Contractor’s Assurance Case in 2002, and
is Link-up approved (ID No 1373) in all the main Civil Engineering and Building
categories, including Bridge Removal and Installation.

Fitzpatrick has been engaged by numerous clients to undertake station, depot, bridge and footbridge construction and upgrade projects. The company’s portfolio of rail projects embraces schemes with values from £20,000 to in excess of £100 million. Typical projects undertaken by Fitzpatrick include:
  • New stations
  • Station redevelopments/refurbishments
  • Major train maintenance depots
  • Bridges and structures
  • Underground works to tunnels
  • Embankment works
  • Drainage works
Bedford Cauldwell Depot, HSBC/SRA – £11 million
Over the past five years Fitzpatrick has been engaged by Network Rail and LUL, or
their franchisees, to undertake works to numerous stations. Without exception, all
of these projects have required careful, considerate works in order to keep trains
running safely – and to timetable, and to provide safe access/egress to the travelling
public. In some cases, interfaces have been managed on forecourts with taxis and buses. Example schemes include:

The depot was for the maintenance, servicing and stabling of the Thameslink fleet of class 319 trains. The facility has a four-road maintenance building, a train wash, CET facilities and stabling for 22 fourcar units. Construction was undertaken on
a fixed-price contract. From access to site in contracted programme the depot was
constructed in 50 weeks, ahead of contract by two weeks. A series of value engineering exercises were carried out both prior to and during construction – for example, the use of fibre-reinforced concrete for construction of the shed floor slabs.

Ealing Common Depot, Infraco SSL – £0.6 million
The works involved bring the 300m-long roof access system up to the required safety levels. The works comprised the part replacement of the lightweight steel
walkway, installation of a man-safe full arrest system, and brickwork repairs. To mitigate the environmental impact on surrounding premises, noisy activities were undertaken within restricted working hours.

Clapham Junction Station, Railtrack Southern Projects – £2.7 million
The works comprised the refurbishment of station canopies, resurfacing platforms and the refurbishment of a large footbridge. The footbridge remained open to the public during the daytime. No complaints were received from members of the public throughout the contract.

DEPCO Consortium
Fitzpatrick is a member of the DEPCO consortium. The consortium comprises
HSBC Rail (Employers and Developers), Fitzpatrick (Design and Build Contractors), Burks Green (Architects and Engineers), EMCOR Rail (M&E Services Designers and Subcontractors), Grant Rail (Permanent WayDesigners and Subcontractors), Mace (Project Managers) and Norton Rose (Legal advisors).

Ashford/Ramsgate Depots Hitachi London & Southeastern Trains – £86 million
The consortium are currently on-site with their third project: the contract is for the
design and build of two traincare facilities associated with the Integrated Kent
Franchise, at Ashford and Ramsgate respectively. Utilising the skills of the consortium members, it is possible to provide a variety of solutions to clients, including those related to the finance and design of such facilities.

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