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The path to Crossrail

The path to Crossrail

02/03/2009 | Channel: Station Development, Products & Services, Business Improvement, Infrastructure

CHRISTOPHER LANGSTON reviews BDP’s portfolio, with special reference to the forthcoming Crossrail Project

Founded in 1961, BDP is the largest architect-led interdisciplinary practice in Europe. The business employs a huge team of specialists with more than 1200 architects, designers, engineers, urbanists, sustainability experts, lighting designers and acoustics specialists in 15 studios across the UK, France, Ireland and the Netherlands. Combining expertise across different sectors and locations, BDP delivers an integrated way of working, which results in high quality, efficient and inspiring built spaces and places.

BDP’s transport team has worked on numerous projects in the UK, Ireland and abroad, including railway stations, transport interchanges, airport terminals and assorted infrastructure programmes and is a highly active sector of the BDP Group with the main focus of BDP design effort within this sector strongly reflecting that of the rest of the practice in promoting people-focused, sustainable, world-class places for travel.

Christopher Langston, transport director at BDP, elaborates: “These have to be high quality places where people feel comfortable and uplifted. The central issues to us are that we not only design outstanding buildings for both passengers and operators alike but that they are also highly sustainability; we feel strongly, for example, that rail is one of the most sustainable form of transport and this needs to be much more widely recognised.”

These key strengths have afforded BDP the opportunity to be involved in some major transport projects in recent years, particularly in rail. Christopher describes the path along which these projects have led the company.

“We have a rail transportation portfolio spanning nearly 20 years from the Channel Tunnel terminal through to Crossrail across the UK and Ireland where BDP recently completed Ireland’s newest train station at Adamstown servicing one of the fastest growing rail networks in Europe.

In the Midlands and north UK we have a strong portfolio of rail projects, such as Nottingham station where we have undertaken major re-design and refurbishment of the existing station, including a major new passenger concourse which will connect to the NET tram system. This is typical of our work across the middle and north of the UK where BDP also has a strong portfolio of urban master planning projects. We’ve certainly seen a pattern in the middle and north of England that shows a close link between urban regeneration and upgrading and remodelling rail stations; other BDP station projects that follow this trend include Crew, Derby, Northampton, and Manchester Piccadilly. Manchester Piccadilly station is one of the most significant new mainline station building projects in the UK for 40 years and has been a huge success for the client, Network Rail, passengers and operators.

“Meanwhile at King’s Cross station in London BDP is currently delivering high quality GRIP 5 architectural and lighting packages, through Corus, to Network Rail for the re-modelling and refurbishment of the iconic, double barrel-vaulted station building including platform re-modelling, new platform over-bridges and lifts, and a new envelope to the existing train shed roof, all respecting the Grade 1 listed structure.

“Which brings us up to date with Crossrail, which we have supported since its modern inception through various contract phases, and where we are delighted to have now been selected, with other consultants, to sit on the Design Consultants Framework for the below-ground section as standalone designers plus supporting our project partner, Hyder.

We are also supporting Crossrail over-ground where we are currently, through Scott Wilson, undertaking architectural design to GRIP 3, at Ealing Broadway, Slough, Maidenhead and Romford stations.”

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