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Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd  - News from Fitzpatrick: new depots, new division

Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd - News from Fitzpatrick: new depots, new division

11/03/2008 | Channel: Products & Services, Rolling Stock

Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd have been very active in the rail domain of late, with work taking place on three new maintenance and servicing depots.

The company has also opened a new London office to service rail and civil engineering infrastructure opportunities.

Ashford Depot
In October 2007 Hitachi Europe Ltd unveiled its Ashford train depot maintenance facility at an opening ceremony in the presence of the UK Secretary of State for Transport, the Rt Hon Ruth Kelly MP and His Excellency Mr Yoshiji Nogami, Japanese Ambassador. Ashford depot is a brand-new, world-class traincare facility, which has been designed and built to maintain the Hitachi class 395 ‘bullet train’ fleet. It is the most recent depot to be built by the depco consortium, which consists of HSBC (Structuring & Funding), Fitzpatrick Contractors (Principal Contractor), RPS Burks Green (Architects & Engineers), EMCOR (ME&P Contractor), Grantrail (Pway & OHLE Contractor), MACE (Interface & Programme Managers) and Norton Rose (Legal & Documentation).

This new third-rail depot uses technology and design pioneered on the Shinkansen lines in Japan. The five-road landmark maintenance building includes a heavy inspection pit road and a double road bogie drop as well as stores, offices messing facilities, workshops and conference facilities. A tandem wheel lathe and bidirectional carriage wash are contained in separate buildings. A 25kV OHL test track, a bio-hazard facility and an automated vehicle inspection facility have also been incorporated. Additionally, there is a new sub-station to reinforce traction current and a new bridge access to the site over the River Stour and also stabling facilities for rolling stock operating on Southeastern mainline services. Fitzpatrick, as the principal contractor, faced and overcame various challenges and incorporated many cost saving schemes:

  • Constricted site – 1200m long and width varying from 10m to 150m
  • Constructing new facility while maintaining existing activities
  • Interface with several stakeholders
  • Design of the drainage system with very restrictive discharge volumes imposed by EA, requiring extensive attenuation
  • Design & construction of the new permanent access bridge in a very narrow land corridor
  • Major service diversions for both utilities and NWR infrastructure
  • Optimisation of the shared facilities for the varying configurations and types of rolling stock

Innovations and value engineering
  • Revised foundation design saved time and money
  • Detailed earthworks volumes analysis minimised volume of materials to be imported/removed from site
  • Processing of site-won materials for inclusion in the permanent works
  • Off-site manufacture of building elements reduced construction time on site
  • Rails on the north side of the depot are designed to be earthed to reduce risk of touch potentials; the south side of the depot is non-earthed – train movements in between are by means of a switchable electric buffer zone.

Etches Park Depot
Work has recently been completed on the £5.6 million upgrade of Etches Park depot in Derby. The new works will provide enhanced maintenance facilities for East Midlands Trains’ current fleet of Meridian Trains.

The project included the construction of a 250m twin-slab track fuelling apron that houses 11 refuelling points, nine CET extraction units and tanking water modules with eight No. potable water modules. Oil and coolant from the fleet is now dealt with via an extraction system which feeds through to the existing waste oil system and coolant recovery tank, respectively, including a 25m four-foot pit on the existing HST refuelling roads. Safe working for depot staff is enhanced by a Vehicle Movement Warning System installed on the new refuelling apron and adjacent HST refuelling roads, this allows for signals to be interlocked to prevent any trains from moving off whilst re-fuelling using depot operating procedures. The system also allows for beacons to warn of train movements.

Safety is further enhanced by the installation of designated walkways around the depot with bollard lighting to assist depot staff in their nocturnal activities. The refuelling apron is also fitted with bollard lighting and lighting columns.

A newly constructed trainwash facility, positioned at the end of the four fuelling roads to ensure all the train stock is washed daily, will ensure that the recently introduced East Midlands Trains livery is displayed in all its splendour. The trainwash facility incorporates a pre-detergent spray arch before each train advances through a single cladded housed structure where they are cleaned via side, eaves and skirt brushes.

As well as new drainage for the fuelling area and trainwash building, improvements were made to the existing trainwash areas to ensure the control and capture of wash run-off.

Extensive modifications have been made to the track layout. The redevelopment allows the depot to be fully self contained where previously, to accommodate all necessary train movements, the main line was used. This had its own problems due to the number of freight trains passing through Derby station.

Other works included the installation of mechanical and water services, S&T diversions, installation of an inspection pit, construction of a train jacking facility within the maintenance shed and the demolition of a redundant engine shed.

The project provided main contractor Fitzpatrick with many challenges and resulted in the successful completion of works below budget and five weeks earlier than planned to tie in with the handover to the East Midlands Trains franchise.

Ramsgate Depot
Ramsgate depot is the second major new state-of-the-art traincare facility, which has been designed and built in association with the Integrated Kent Franchise Project. It has also been built by the depco consortium, which consists of the same participants as the Ashford depot and once again, Fitzpatrick is the principal contractor.

Ramsgate depot will provide a modern five-road light maintenance facility, complete with bogie drop, trainwash, CET and stabling facilities for rolling stock operating on the Southeastern mainline services. Overnight stabling and servicing facilities will also be provided for some of the Hitachi 395 ‘bullet train’ fleet.

Completed works include the construction of the 8000m2, five-road maintenance shed, which is capable of accommodating thirty-six units. It also incorporates two No. four-car heavy lift roads, one of which includes the bogie and equipment drop facility. The remaining roads are located within a ‘swimming pool’ type area with the track on stools to facilitate under-train inspection and maintenance work. Also completed is the attached three-storey office, stores and workshop.

Still under construction are the fan of seven new sidings, which will provide for CET, tanking and sanding operations. Also to be constructed within the sidings is the six-car train wash. Finally the project will include enhancements to the existing traction supply sub-station including the provision of two additional circuit breakers.

Fitzpatrick, as the principal contractor, faced and overcame various challenges and incorporated many cost-saving schemes, including:

  • Time constraints and phasing of the works to ensure continued working of the existing depot
  • Diversion of Ramsgate drinking water ring main, which ran under the proposed new facility, and the repair of the Network Rail culvert running under the proposed new stabling area
  • The depot is sited above a major drinking-water aquifer and thus the works are subject to tight environmental restrictions and controls
  • Constructing a 10,000m3 facility within the boundary of a live operational depot
Innovation & value engineering solutions
  • Revised foundation design saved time and money
  • Implementation of a web-based document and communication system for all stakeholders facilitating speedy dissemination and sharing of information and design
Open plan site office for contractors, client and stakeholders, providing the facility for rapid communication and resolution of issues
  • Use of above-ground attenuation tanks to minimise excavation within the aquifer and facilitate ease of future inspection and maintenance
  • Use of pre-cast concrete slabs in the construction of the ‘swimming pool’ area facilitated an efficient and speedy construction solution.
London Division
Fitzpatrick has created a new London Rail and Civils Division based in London’s Canary Wharf. The Division has been created to maximise the opportunities in the rail/civils market within the London area. Since last October the office has been managed by Andrew Gardner – Rail Operations, Warren Devereux – Civils Operations, Jim Healy – Commercial, and Beth Hermon – Business Development Manager. Due to the significant amount of cross-fertilisation within the two disciplines, the Rail and Civil Engineering Divisions work closely together, combining staff expertise and experience to ensure successful and timely completion of civil engineering projects within the rail environment.

Fitzpatrick pride themselves on building trusted and established relationships with their clients, which leads to a large proportion of work being repeat business. Fitzpatrick Rail Division offers the full range of design and construction in the railway environment. The expertise within the Rail Division has led to the successful delivery of schemes ranging from minor installation works through to multi-million pound projects. Recent high-profile projects have involved Fitzpatrick teams supplying and installing lineside infrastucture works for signalling, telecoms and permanent way enhancements.

Major project experience, aside from their depot portfolio, includes the successful delivery of three station refurbishments for Tube Lines at Mill Hill, Totteridge & Whetstone, and East Finchley. Fitzpatrick is also utilising its technical and engineering skills in ongoing projects, including:
  • New station construction
  • Bridge strengthening & replacements
  • Lineside infrastructure works
  • Embankment strengthening
Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd – Rail Division
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